Your mission is our mission.

For more than 20 years, Brown Advisory has partnered with endowments and foundations to help them fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities, realize ambitious financial goals and achieve their mission-related objectives.

Investment officers and investment committees at nonprofits face big challenges today—complex capital markets, tough regulatory oversight, high donor expectations and, in the coming years, lower expected market returns. We work with many nonprofit institutions, large and small, to help them overcome these challenges.

We focus on Strategic Advice to Help Nonprofits Pursue Ambitious Goals

We use the term strategic advice to describe our role in helping our clients solve their most pressing organizational challenges. Our aim is to provide holistic advice to clients, so we can broadly help them advance their nonprofit missions. We counsel our clients on many issues outside of traditional portfolio management, and work with them on topics ranging from municipal advisory services to charitable program development.

Our client teams partner with our in-house Strategic Advisory Group, to pinpoint each of our clients’ specific challenges and to develop customized solutions and action plans to address those challenges. In recent years, we have helped clients address a broad range of issues, including:

  1. Advice on governance
  2. Guidance on legal compliance, including:
    • Advice on fiduciary duties and responsibilities
    • Noninvestment risk management
  3. Tax compliance and tax reporting
  4. Philanthropic advisory services, including advice on:
    • Complex grant making
    • Fundraising and donor engagement
    • Acceptance of illiquid gifts
    • Planned giving
  5. Matters related to land acquisition opportunities
  6. Mission-related and impact investing

Why Brown Advisory?

The effectiveness of investment committees meeting their organizational goals is being challenged at every angle: market volatility, complexity of assets, costs, regulation, reporting requirements, etc. The traditional way of managing plans—through quarterly meetings and backward-looking reviews—is becoming obsolete. Investment committees must transition from a reactive model to a proactive one, in which giving up discretion can actually enhance a committee’s fiduciary oversight and obligation.

Brown Advisory has a deep heritage and years of experience working with institutions to address their investment challenges, all within well-defined risk parameters and always with the understanding that their goals are paramount and their needs come first.


Impact Investing: Helping Nonprofits Align Their Missions and Investments

For many years, we have worked with endowments and foundations to help them explore impact investment options and broadly pursue mission-related investment goals.

Traditionally, most nonprofits invested purely for financial results, then spent or granted funds each year to advance the organizational mission. Today, many nonprofits want greater synergy between their missions and their investments. They want to use a larger percentage of their invested capital to generate positive, mission-related impact.

Nonprofits each approach the question of sustainable investing from a different perspective, and with different priorities. Our goal is simply to help endowments and foundations clarify their objectives, then implement the right solutions. Thanks to recent regulatory guidance, nonprofits have improved clarity today about sustainable investing within a fiduciary context; in the case of private foundations, some of these options may satisfy their annual spending requirements.

We believe that a thoughtful, sustainable investment approach can in fact bridge the gap between investment goals and mission objectives, within a unified portfolio strategy.

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