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We follow a philosophy that low-turnover, concentrated portfolios derived from sound bottom-up fundamental research provide an opportunity for attractive performance results over time. We have a culture and firm equity ownership structure that help us attract and retain professionals who share those beliefs, and we follow a repeatable investment process that helps us stay true to our philosophy.

We construct balanced portfolios for private clients, nonprofits and institutions depending on the needs of the client. We can be 100% open architecture, using third-party managers only, or we can put together a mix of internal and external strategies, whatever is in the client's best interest.

Fixed Income

We follow a philosophy that fixed income strategies built from a foundation of stability coupled with fundamental credit research can seek to generate alpha and control risk. We have a culture and firm equity ownership structure that attract and retain professionals who share those beliefs, and we follow a repeatable investment process that helps us stay true to our philosophy.

We construct balanced portfolios for private clients, nonprofits and institutions depending on the needs of the client. We can be 100% open architecture, using third-party managers only, or we can put together a mix of internal and external strategies, whatever is in the client's best interest. Meet the Investment Solutions Group.

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

The Investment Solutions Group is an investment-management team within Brown Advisory that specializes in asset allocation, manager selection, hedge funds and other alternative investment strategies. Dedicated to open-architecture solutions, our team has established a strong track record of identifying high-quality, third-party investment managers across the hedge fund, long-only and private equity universes. We leverage this expertise to help clients assemble portfolios that we believe best fit their needs and goals, offering clients a range of solutions from complete portfolio management to fulfillment of specific hedge-fund and alternative-asset mandates.

Founded in June 2002, the Investment Solutions Group now manages in excess of $3.4 billion for clients (data as of January 31, 2017) in a combination of managed accounts, advisory relationships and fund-of-fund offerings.

Private Equity, Real Estate and Energy

Private Equity, Real Estate and Energy

Brown Advisory has incorporated private equity and real estate investments in client portfolios since our founding. Today, we can provide that exposure in three distinct ways.

Feeder Funds and Multimanager Funds
We introduce clients to investment opportunities in early- and late-stage venture capital and buyout funds, as well as select real estate funds. We also construct these feeder funds into multimanager funds to make private equity investing as easy as possible for our clients.

Customized Private Equity Portfolios
For most clients, private equity is one component of a balanced portfolio that we manage. Other clients, however, come to us specifically for custom-built private equity and real estate portfolios.

For more information on private equity please click here or contact Jacob Hodes at 410-537-5315 or jhodes@brownadvisory.com.

Private Client Team

Client Service

Lauren Treiber Private Client Relationship Coordinator
Jerry Adams Private Client Tax Advisor
Michael Aldrich Head of Private Client Service
Mia Antonelli Private Client Tax Administrator
Anne Bartlett Private Client Relationship Advisor
Constance Brown Private Client Relationship Advisor
Megan S. Brune Relationship Advisor
Alicia Burnham Private Client Relationship Administrator
Marcy Campbell Private Client Relationship Administrator
Sheila Carey Private Client Relationship Administrator
Jessica Carlozo Private Client Relationship Administrator
Brian Castagna Private Client Relationship Administrator
Chris Chalke Private Client Relationship Administrator
Jeffrey Cornelius Private Client Relationship Advisor
Drew Courtney Private Client Relationship Administrator
Megan Schaefer-Curran Private Client Relationship Administrator
Melissa Dowd Relationship Administrator
Jason Dunbar Private Client Relationship Administrator
Pam Eldreth Private Client Relationship Advisor
Randi Engelbrecht Private Client Relationship Advisor
Carlos Flores Private Client Relationship Coordinator
Marjorie Gutierrez Private Client Relationship Advisor
Courtney Harral Private Client Relationship Coordinator
David Hodnett Private Client Relationship Administrator
Phene Jean-Claude Private Client Relationship Administrator
Kristin Keeney Private Client Relationship Administrator
Jackie Kipke Relationship Administrator
Karen LaRosa Private Client Relationship Administrator
Jennifer Larson Private Client Relationship Advisor
Derrick Leak Private Client Relationship Administrator
Linda Maddox Relationship Coordinator
Aida Mahinic Private Client Relationship Coordinator
Monica Malishchak Private Client Relationship Advisor
Carol Matthews Private Client Relationship Administrator
Mindy McDuffie Private Client Relationship Administrator
Kathryn McManus Private Client Relationship Advisor
Greta Meytin Private Client Relationship Advisor
Christopher Moran Private Client Relationship Administrator
Carly Neidecker Private Client Relationship Coordinator
Jeanne O'Neill Relationship Administrator
Lisa Posko Private Client Relationship Administrator
Stephanie Power Private Client Relationship Advisor
Maggie Rhodes Relationship Coordinator
Sarah Richardson Director of Austin Operations
Noel Schueler Private Client Relationship Advisor
Christina Shanahan Private Client Relationship Administrator
John Sharkey Private Client Relationship Administrator
Kristen Siciliano Private Client Relationship Advisor
Tyler Smith Private Client Relationship Administrator
John Snyder Private Client Relationship Coordinator
Anne Tiffin Private Client Relationship Advisor
Gay Wagner Private Client Relationship Administrator
Brooke Wynot Private Client Relationship Administrator

Portfolio Managers

Victor Abiamiri Portfolio Analyst
Nick Andjel Portfolio Manager
Peter Annunziato Portfolio Analyst
Leslie Ashley Portfolio Analyst
Perry Bacon Portfolio Manager
Theresa Balaran Portfolio Manager
Matt Barrett Associate Portfolio Manager
Chris Bartlett Head of Private Client
Terry Beaty, Jr. Portfolio Manager
Christopher Bliss Financial Advisor
Eddie Bradley III Portfolio Analyst
Nestor Cardona Portfolio Analyst
Geoffrey Carey Portfolio Manager
Joe Carpenter Associate Portfolio Manager
Darcy Carroll Portfolio Manager
Paul Chew Chief Investment Officer
Gautam Chhada Portfolio Manager
Matthew Clark Portfolio Manager
Harrison Clement Portfolio Analyst
Erik Cohen Portfolio Manager
Claire Woolston Commons Portfolio Manager
Jordan Cook Portfolio Analyst
Will Crimmins Portfolio Analyst
Michael Delaney Portfolio Analyst
James Dugan Portfolio Manager
William Dugdale Portfolio Manager
Michael Federico Portfolio Manager
Eben Finney, III Portfolio Manager
Lucas Fisher Portfolio Analyst
Jimmy Fiske Portfolio Analyst
Matt Fleming Portfolio Strategist
George Floyd Financial Advisor
Glenn Garven Portfolio Analyst
Michael Gaughan Portfolio Analyst
Justin Gillen Portfolio Analyst
Matthew Gilner Associate Portfolio Manager
Dan Glading Associate Portfolio Manager
Matthew Gray Associate Portfolio Manager
George Grayson Portfolio Manager
Austin Gregor Portfolio Analyst
Henry Habgood Portfolio Analyst
Walter Haynes Portfolio Manager
Christopher Holcombe Portfolio Analyst
Robert Hopkins Portfolio Manager
Allan D. House Portfolio Manager
Brian Hoyer Associate Portfolio Manager
David Hunter Portfolio Manager
Quintin Ings-Chambers U.K. Private Client Portfolio Manager
Jon Jester Portfolio Manager
Mia Karides Financial Analyst
Mark Kodenski Portfolio Manager
Jane W. Korhonen Portfolio Manager
Teddy Lamade Portfolio Manager
Glen Lambinicio Portfolio Strategist
Jonathan Levy Portfolio Manager
Tyler Lewis Portfolio Manager
Craig Martin Operating Officer of the Private Client Business
William Mathews Associate Portfolio Manager
Tony Mavrellos Associate Portfolio Manager
Ian McAbeer Portfolio Manager, Head of Austin Office
Michael McClean Associate Portfolio Manager
Ray McClure Portfolio Manager
Stephanie McCormick Portfolio Manager
Catherine McDonnell Portfolio Manager
Patrick McDonough Portfolio Analyst
Marlivia Minter Portfolio Analyst
Channing Mitzell Portfolio Analyst
David P. Nichols Portfolio Manager
Berk Nowak Portfolio Manager
Olachi Hamilton Portfolio Analyst
Robert Oster Portfolio Manager
Erika Pagel Portfolio Manager
William Peck Portfolio Manager
Cindy Pepple Portfolio Analyst
Jonathan Price Portfolio Manager
W. Hunter Purcell Portfolio Manager
Philip Rauch Portfolio Manager
William Rienhoff, IV Portfolio Manager
Porter Schutt Portfolio Manager
Tushar Shah Portfolio Manager
Blake Sheehan Portfolio Manager
David Stepherson Portfolio Manager
Alisa Stesch Portfolio Analyst
James Stierhoff Associate Portfolio Manager
Morgan Stith Portfolio Analyst
Bente Strong Portfolio Manager
Nicholas Taylor Portfolio Manager
Dune Thorne Head of Client Experience
Edward X. Tune Portfolio Manager
James Tussaud Portfolio Manager
Trevor Ulman Portfolio Analyst
Eamonn Vain-Callahan Portfolio Analyst
Christian Ventimiglia Portfolio Analyst
Brian Walsh Boston Operating Officer, Portfolio Manager
Kathryn Watts Portfolio Analyst
Callum Wells Portfolio Analyst
Martin West, III Portfolio Manager
J. Bruce Whelihan Financial Advisor
Brien White Portfolio Manager
Mitchell Whiteman Portfolio Manager
Nina Yudell Portfolio Manager

Strategic Advisors

Buck Chapoton Strategic Advisor
Douglas Borg Strategic Advisory Analyst
John Devine Strategic Advisor
Stuart B. Dorsett Strategic Advisor
Edward K. Dunn, III Strategic Advisor
Joseph Ferlise Strategic Advisor
Morgan Folus Strategic Advisory Analyst
Michael D. Hankin President and CEO
Stanard Klinefelter Strategic Advisor
D. Chad Larson Strategic Advisor
Susan C. Milona Strategic Advisor
Sandra Moffet Strategic Advisor
Alice Paik Head of Strategic Advisory
Shadie Parivar Strategic Advisory Analyst
John Poulton Strategic Advisor
Craig Standish Strategic Advisor

Investment Solutions Group

Sid Ahl Chief Investment Officer
John Bisson Quantitative Analyst
Paul Chew Chief Investment Officer
John O. Downing Senior Advisor
Atte Enyenihi Operational Due Diligence Analyst
Taylor Graff Head of Asset Allocation Research
Christopher Hancock Research Analyst
David Kahen Director of Operations, ISG
Peter G.C. Mallinson Senior Advisor
Steven Melnick Research Analyst
Amar Patel Research Analyst
Shane Ransom Portfolio Analyst
J.R. Rodrigo Research Analyst
Samir Shah Head of Operational Due Diligence, ISG
Peter Whitney Research Analyst
Jordan Wruble Head of Manager Research

Private Equity

Joseph Baylin Private Equity Analyst
Mark Collins, Jr. Director of Private Equity
Ted Hanks Private Equity Analyst
Jacob Hodes Head of Private Equity
Elise Liberto Private Equity Analyst
Nina Millman Private Equity Advisor
Meera Patel Director of Private Equity Fund Research
Keith Stone Private Equity Analyst

Fixed Income Investment Team

Ty Andrews Portfolio Analyst
Tom Bandurowski Credit Analyst
Paul Corbin Portfolio Manager
James Davie Fixed Income Credit Analyst
Thomas D.D. Graff Portfolio Manager
Amy Hauter ESG Research Analyst
Tim Howard Credit Analyst
John Henry Iucker Securitized Products Analyst
Kelly McConkey Portfolio Analyst
Joshua R. Perry Municipal Credit Analyst
Stephen Shutz Portfolio Manager
Rob Snyder Portfolio Manager
David Thompson Portfolio Manager
Jason Vlosich Analyst & Trader
Lyn White Credit Analyst

Senior Advisors

Richard Bernstein Senior Advisor
J. Dorsey Brown, III Portfolio Manager
Vincent Burke Senior Advisor
Jack Cavanaugh Head of Baltimore Private Client
Doug Godine Head of Private Client Business Development
Benjamin H. Griswold, IV Chairman, BIATC
Webb C. Hayes, IV Senior Advisor
Steven G. Hoch Senior Advisor
Bill L. Paternotte Senior Advisor
Simon Peck Senior Advisor
Steven G. Ricklefs Client Advisor
Thomas Schweizer, Jr. President Brown Advisory Securities, LLC
Truman Semans Vice Chairman, BIATC
John Spilman, IV Senior Advisor
Shooter Starr Client Advisor
Maarten van Hengel Senior Advisor
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Greta Meytin

Private Client Relationship Advisor

Greta Meytin is a principal at Brown Advisory and is a private client relationship advisor in the Strategic Advisory group.  She has 20 years of industry experience and is responsible for multiple relationships for Private Clients. Previously, Greta was with Mercantile Safe-Deposit and Trust Company, where she worked in their Estate Administration and Gift tax unit. Greta completed advance estates and trusts courses at Villa Julie College.


  • Azerbaijan College of Foreign Languages, MA, Linguistics (1979)
  • University of Baltimore, MS Taxation (2000)